No Bullshit -- Only Good Head

Jayden is just cruising the aisles for some porn when we come up to him with a proposition. Who would actually turn down a blow job from a hot chick? Well it took some convincing to get this guy in the back room, but after seeing her tits and face, he was convinced and ready to get sucked off. After sliding his dick through the hole, his dick goes into the mouth of a man. Unluckily for Jayden, he stuck his dick in the wrong hole. Enjoy…

Ungloryhole No Bullshit - Only Good Head


Something Special About That Hole!

…You know, no matter how many times we pull this off, it never gets old. As usual, today I "hooked up" my buddy with a sweet blow job. What he didn't know that was that the sweet tits that got him to put the cock in the hole do not belong to the set of lips that wrapped around his dick. But I suspect that, to you guys, it doesn't matter how we get these guys to put the cock in the hole, as long as one dude blows another. The unsuspecting part of the whole thing is pretty sweet though…



Impatiently Waiting for the Ungloryhole!

…I had been waiting for Tallen in the parking lot until I went inside and found him in the adult store looking at DVDs already. Damn! He's impatient. Already telling me he's horny as fuck and wants a blow-job ASAP. What he wants he shall get. I took him back to the Ungloryhole room and let him have his way. Sticking his cock in the wall not knowing what or who's doing the sucking…